EU is majorly contributing to the world population started venturing into clinical research arena following globalization of clinical trials. Currently, the growth of the clinical research market in EU is expected to mount faster than United States (US) and rest of the world. It was estimated that, approximately 30% of the global contract research market supporting clinical research activities, including research and development (R & D) of pharma industries will be outsourced to developing countries by 2020. Your association with ‘ACT’ will resolve any challenges you may have for global presence.

The swift attention toward the EPAC countries may be attributed to the quest of global pharmaceutical companies, in exploring newer avenues to expand their business enterprise. This has been further influenced with the spread of clinical research organizations in Asian countries to cope with the expanding market.


Ref: SandhiyaSelvarajan, Melvin George,1Suresh S Kumar, and Steven AiborDkhar

With changing lifestyles and environmental factors the global Clinical experts are predicting that EPAC can become the largest consumer of drugs in the near future.