The success of a clinical trial depends on the way feasibility was conducted. We provide first class feasibility to ensure that only sites with good track record of patient recruitment are identified. Our team of experts assess alignment of the clinical trial in terms of study design, dose of investigational product, comparator, patient type, with the local environment and assessing potential of conducting clinical trial in a specific geographical region. Our experts develop a realistic feasibility plan to conduct the clinical trial.


Site Identification and Qualification

Our established network of investigators in our areas of expertise is a “Live link”. We constantly update the statistics of enrolment for our Investigator sites in order to understand and estimate the performance of our Investigators. We use educated judgement to identify qualified sites and Investigators not just from our network but also from the success stories of other trials. Our Investigator network metrics include but not limited to location of the site, availability of staff, qualifications, clinical expertise, Ethical compliance, access to the desired subject pool and enrolment history. Once a list of the suitable sites is identified we work together with the client to select the sites that will meet the project needs. Our feasibility tools are used to identify the regions and sites that will be successful in the trial.

Live Recruitment plan

We believe in establishing a site specific recruitment plan to ensure that each site meets its target population. We collaborate with the site to identify available patient pool, alliance with patient support groups to ensure that the target population is always met. By understanding and implementing the feasibility process clearly we can make the clinical trial a success to all the stakeholders. Our team of experts also keep track of the competing clinical trials and provide you with accurate reports to ensure that the trials performed at the investigators site do not affect our trial. We review our recruitment plan at to guide and support each site throughout the enrolment period.