We have a team highly experienced Project managers. We use the latest project management principles to reach our targets. Our project management team utilise established communication pathways to maintain the project on track. We assign an experienced project manager whose skills and expertise best match your project requirements. Our PMs, in collaboration with sponsor, serve as a connection to all project stakeholders.

Our PMs will demonstrate capabilities in the following:
•    Adherence to ICH-GCP
•    Transparency throughout the cycle of the project
•    Full cycle management
•    Comprehensive project and communication plans
•    Effective liaison with sponsor to create all aspects of the clinical trial
•    Interface co-ordination
•    EDC and IVRS
•    Training and compliance

Transparency throughout the Trial:
We provide our project managers with advanced tools and technologies to meet our client demands and to deliver the project on time and under budget. Our team are highly qualified clinical professionals with a great track record of successful delivery of clinical trials.

A great level of visibility into the actions of all project stakeholders, from sites to CRAs to lab vendors, allows for proactive and informed decision-making. This level of transparency gives us a great share of information enabling us deliver high quality clinical trials.

We have a team of great leaders who always oversee project plans, technology implementations, staff deployment and client interface. Our commitment to your project includes:
•    A strong and reliable Project plan
•    Complete Visibility
•    Executive sponsor to ensure accountability
•    Sponsor collaboration to ensure high quality data
•    Training
•    A Full Life cycle support
•    24X7 account management

RISK management
Risk management is of high importance in a clinical project cycle. We liaise with the sponsor to understand and agree on the potential risks along with the ways to determine the required measures. We use high quality tools to forecast timelines and key milestones.

Our tools power our leaders to study performance metrics against plan in real time. During this process, we work to identify risk mitigation strategies. We aim to determine, in advance, what actions can be taken to avoid or reduce the possibility or risks becoming issues. Finally, we work to agree upon pre-specified risk management actions that will be triggered when risks manifest as issues during the study.

This approach enables quick implementation of corrective actions to keep the study moving forward on time, on budget, and with the high level of quality required.