Your Data is our Priority.

The collection of high quality clinical data is our priority as we understand that high quality clinical data is the only difference between success and failure of a clinical trial. We offer data management service to guarantee you achieve your goal.

Our data management services are designed to ensure:

  • Customised to meet your demands
  • A transparent full support service through of the project cycle
  • Cost effective, high quality Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Study Management software
  • SOPs for successful EDC implementation

In addition to the services included within every package, we provide highly qualified staff that conducts:

  • Clinical trial management to guarantee successful completion of the trial
  • Protocol specific CRF development
  • Regular audits to ensure quality
  • Clinical/Medical coding with industry standards
  • Evaluation of the data and issue resolution
  • Cleaning of the data and auditing to ensure quality
  • Management of EDC audit database
  • Protocol-Trial specific dictionaries
  • Data Reconciliation
  • Use of SAS programming to prepare and analyse the data

Data Integrity:

A routine report or a data lock, the most important item is quality data. We promise data integrity by agreeing to validated standard operating procedures (SOP) throughout any project. Our proven data quality processes include:

  • ICH-GCP adherence to guarantee data consistency, quality, and integrity
  • A powerful EDC and study management database
  • Automated data review
  • Flexible

Data management Deployment:

We implement a team approach with experienced project managers overseeing the plans and timelines, staff deployment and client interface. Our promise to your project includes:

  • A transparent project plan
  • Sponsor ensures accountability
  • Collaboration ensures quality
  • Training ensures adoption
  • A full support
  • Access to systems