Our vision is to ensure that every clinical trial conducted by ACT is prospectively registered with full disclosure of the trial data set items. These items have been selected in order to:

Transparency and accountability: By providing transparency we are aiming to gain both public and client confidence..

Quality of trials: Quality data is our utmost priority. Experimental research has shown that some aspect of the methods of the trial are particularly important to produce reliable results by minimizing biases, confounders and the effects of chance or coincidence. By using regulated tools and advanced technologies we are achieving the production of high quality clinical data. By continuous improvement of quality we are increasing the chances of publication of data and reducing the regulatory constraints.

Adapt to accepted ethical standards: We ensure that we abide by the ethical guidelines for conduct of the clinical trials and thus reducing the timelines of the drug reaching the market.

Hand in Hand with Regulatory agencies: We ensure high quality clinical results are produced and reported to the regulatory authorities. Our expert regulatory consultants are always available to meet the high standards. By doing so we are increasing the probability of acceptance of clinical trial.

Cost Effective and Customised Clinical trials: we help you define clear requirements to suit your specific needs as well as likely future requirements. we ensure that any new solutions that you implement are fully integrated with existing systems to deliver a great customer contact process.